Het one-of-a-kind trio met klarinet, saxofoon en piano

"Het Rodion Trio maakt er een sport van alle mogelijke en onmogelijke arrangementen van muziek uit alle tijden voor eigen gebruik te maken en heeft er zichtbaar en hoorbaar plezier in om dat overal te laten horen."

“The Rodion Trio finds a challenge in making all possible and impossible arrangements of music from all eras. You can see and hear the sheer joy that they have in playing this music everywhere.”

“Diederik Ornée is evidently a classical trained clarinet player and a very good one too, Annelies Vrieswijk is an extraordinary lyrical saxophone player with a brilliant technique and cantabile sound.”

The Metrople Orchestra with: the Rodion Trio

You can help us record a piece with the Metropole Orchestra on their new CD! Vote for the Rodion Trio on the Metropole Orchestra website and a meeting between this versatile orchestra and our flexible ensemble can become within grasp! We have many good ideas for a collaboration in mind…

Rodion Trio




Rodion Trio