Diederik Ornée

Diederik Ornée (1983) studied modern clarinet with Herman Braune at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he finished his Bachelor in 2006. Afterwards, he continued his studies in Trossingen (Germany), where he studied modern clarinet with Prof. Chen Halevi and historical clarinet with Ernst Schlader. Diederik has won many different prizes. To name a few: a first prize at the National Competition of the SJMN, the Iris-Marquart prize and the prize for best soloist of the DAAD (Deutsche Akademische AustauschDienst). He also received a special prize for social engagement, awarded by the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. Diederik is an active player on both modern and historical clarinets, in many different ensembles and orchestras all over Europe.

Apart from playing clarinet, Diederik also loves to play cello (especially in string quartet repertoire) and badminton.